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For a long time, the subject of cloning was restricted to science fiction novels. Ever since Dolly the sheep, the first successfully cloned mammal, was born in 1996 clones have been slowly getting closer to our every day life. Now over twenty years later, the animal genetic experts at ViaGen offer clones even closer to home – in our barns, and in the show ring.

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late duaghters dog clone

As Monnie Must looks back at the photos that adorn her walls of her Sylvan Lake home, the images of her four daughters mean more to her now than ever. It has been nearly 11 years since she lost her oldest daughter Miya to suicide.

“I was terrified when Miya died no one would know anything about her, and she was such a huge personality, she was such a wow person,” Monnie said.

As a master photographer who owns the well-known studio, Naturally Photography, Monnie focused on her work, her family and Miya’s dogs, Henley and Billy. But grief and anxiety took over as she approached the 10 year anniversary of Miya’s death.


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purrington post

Some of you may recall seeing an article we wrote back in January of 2017 called: Would You Consider Cloning Your Cat?  The topic of cloning has always been fascinating to us (and judging by the article’s response, to many of our readers also).

Cloning is no longer science fiction and its growing popularity continues to attract supporters on both sides of the argument, but our purpose in this post, is not to debate the pro’s and con’s, but rather to share a most remarkable love story of two gorgeous kittens that were recently cloned.

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When Peanut died unexpectedly last year at the age of 10, Denise Westervelt was devastated by the loss of her chihuahua. So she had him cloned.

“He was like my soulmate,” Westervelt said. “I had such a bond with him. If he could have lived forever, it would have been great. I couldn’t bear to get another dog.”

Pets have become part of the family. Americans spent $69.4 billion on their pets last year, according to the American Pet Products Association. A recent survey from Harris Poll on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage said that one-third of millennials were buying homes because they had dogs, more than the number doing so as a result of marriage of having children.

Couple that with replicating technology, and there’s more demand from pet owners for the cloning of their beloved dogs and cats.

Westervelt turned to Viagen Pets, a division of Trans Ova Genetics, to bring a little bit of Peanut back into her home. For $50,000, plus the costs of genetic material collection and storage fees, Westervelt is now the dog parent of two genetically identical versions of her original chihuahua.

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arizonan clones dog

A Phoenix man decided to clone his Jack Russell terrier-mix after he realized his beloved dog was becoming blind and reaching the end of her life.

He’s believed to be the first Arizonan to take that step.

Barbra Streisand recently revealed in a interview with Variety that two of her dogs were clones of her dog Samantha, who died in 2017.

Although the trend of cloning pets may be is growing, it’s extremely expensive, and 63 percent of participants in a 2017 Gallup Poll said they believe cloning animals was morally wrong.

Only one company in the United States clones pets, Texas-based Viagen Pets. The company helped Rich Hazelwood, the owner of Celebrity Theatre, clone his dog, Jackie O.

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