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This winter, the crème de la crème of the equestrian world will return to their seasonal home in Wellington, Fla., for three months of hunter/ jumper and dressage competition. The equine athletes will include some with price tags in the seven figures; top international mounts jetted in from Mexico, the UK and Belgium; and, flying discreetly under the radar, a handful of equine clones.

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The loss of a pet can be extremely tough to handle. If only our furry friends could live as long as we do. While science hasn’t gotten quite that far yet, there is an alternative to get the carbon copy of the pet you love so much.

A Valley family is one of the latest in the country to turn to cloning to get another chance to be with their beloved Golden Doodle, Sally. They love her so much, they decided to clone Sally, so they could have her identical twin, 12 years apart, to raise all over again.

“She is really the perfect dog,” said Sally’s owner Craig Stull. “We thought if we’re ever going to clone a dog, it would be Sally,” Stull added.

The family turned to ViaGen Pets, who calls themselves “America’s pet cloning experts” for help.


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The clone of Sámur, the former First Dog of Iceland, is born, reports. Sámur belonged to former President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and his wife Dorrit Moussaieff. The birth of the puppy was announced by Ólafur Ragnar on Twitter last night.

Dorrit posted a picture of the puppy’s birth certificate on Twitter. It has been given the name Samson. The name appears very appropriate, for Sámsson means the son of Sámur in Icelandic. Samson was born October 25, weighing 684 g, and measuring 28 cm (11 in). The birth certificate shows Samson’s paw prints.

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As a coach and horseman, Mark Watring brings a remarkable breadth of experience to clients at his hunter/jumper training program in the Los Angeles area’s Hidden Valley. His dossier is dotted with Olympics, Pan American Games and eight international championship medals, along with World Cup Finals and many other international competitions. And he’s far from done as a contender himself, giving his students an ever-fresh and relevant take on tackling riding, horsemanship and horse care questions in every form.

At the international level, Mark took an unconventional course. He started out as an eventer representing the United States. He was based in England for three years, a stretch that concluded in 1982 with being the top-placed American rider at the Burghley Horse Trials and earning a reserve team spot at the Eventing World Championships at Luhmühlen, Germany.

On returning to the States, Mark worked under renowned eventer Bruce Davidson. When a horse injury mid-way through the U.S. selection trials derailed his hopes to represent the States in the 1984 Olympics, Mark reached out to his birth locale, Puerto Rico, and earned the chance to represent them that year. He has ridden for the U.S. Territory ever since.

In 2003, Mark and his most famous mount, Sapphire, helped Puerto Rico win show jumping gold at the Pan American Games, then represented them well as individuals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

In addition to his competitive accomplishments, Mark is well known as one of the first to clone a superstar horse. In this case, it was Sapphire, whose clone, Saphir, is 9 and coming along nicely toward the upper divisions. A troop of science camp kids came to visit the handsome grey stallion recently and Mark enjoyed their excitement over meeting and interacting with a real live cloned horse. “To us, at this point, he’s a regular horse.”

Except for being slightly smaller in stature than his famous clone, Saphir is a convincing example of the technology’s ability to reproduce the appearance, athletic ability and temperament of the source horse. So much so that colleagues often comment when Mark and Saphir exit the ring: “I know that canter. That’s Sapphire’s clone, right?”


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Blake Russell the CEO and President of Viagen is leading this movement in areas with San Diego Zoo to work with cloning high-performance dogs for police, military and other services.

From work with preserving endangered species to cloning unique professional dogs for special services cloning is in many ways an unseen industry to the vast majority of us now, but a very likely far more public part of our worlds ten years from now. Blake’s discussion about the logic for this industry, best practices and how it can and will open up far more over time.

This isn’t just about cloning a beloved pet.
Cloning is a hot subject, both as an application of decades of science and research but also because of the possibilities that it opens up for preservation of rare and endangered species or for stars like Barbara Streisand their beloved pets. It’s a subject and idea that may well be more than just an odd outlier in ten years’ time as costs come down and acceptance goes way up.


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