David and Alicia Tschirhart had their Labrador retriever, Marley since he was just a young pup. Marley was apart of their family through many years of their life and experienced all chapters. One, the birth of the couples first daughter, Madeline.

Marley was pronounced a hero in 2014 when the couple and Marley went on a hike at San Diego’s Battle Mountain in Escondido. Alicia was four months pregnant with her daughter Madeline.

About a quarter mile into their hike, Alicia veered off path to find a walking stick to help her with the rest of the hike. That is the exact moment Marley scurried away from David and ran to Alicia as she almost reached down and got bit by a rattlesnake. Because of Marley, Alicia and her baby girl are alive.


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california cloned dog

An Escondido family credits their dog for saving their life while on a hike. So it only makes sense that after 12 years, they weren’t ready to say goodbye after their dog died.

So David and Alicia Tschirhart found another way to keep “Marley’s” memory alive.

Enter Viagen, a company that offers cloning services for pets. The technology is the same used to famously clone Dolly the sheep in 1997.


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A late family dog that saved his pregnant owner from a potentially deadly situation has been cloned only a few years after he died.

The San Diego family has two young children who were able to grow up with an exact clone of the furry family members that saved their mother’s life before they were born.


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Las Vegas Cloned Dog

They say every dog has its last day. Now, thanks to technology, that doesn’t have to be the case.

“This is Chase, Ripley’s mother,” Jordan Goldblatt said. “This is Kendall, Ripley’s grandmother.”

Ripley was a champion.

“She was just a really great dog,” Goldblatt said. Goldblatt trains champions. “Bought my first one in 1985.”

Her love for Dobermans goes beyond four paws and a wagging tail. Since then, she has raised, bred and kept a few Dobermans for herself. Goldblatt currently takes care of three. One of them is a clone.

Ripley died in 2012. Years before that, Jordan knew someday, she’d want to make a copy of her prize winner.

“I knew that she wasn’t going to be the same, but that she would be similar,” Goldblatt said.


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Hero Dog Marley Cloned

Marley the Labrador retriever was always the dog dictionary definition of a true companion.

David Tschirhart got the dog as a puppy, and as the little pooch turned into an older adult canine, Marley saw Tschirhart through many of life’s exciting and overwhelming chapters: graduation, moving cross country, marriage.

“He made many moves with my wife Alicia and I. He was always aware and adaptable. He learned to live in a tiny Manhattan apartment,” Tschirhart, an attorney in San Diego, California, told PEOPLE.

Marley’s most amazing and heroic moment of awareness came in 2014, when he was 12 years old and towards the end of his life.


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